Meet Freya and her 2 week old baby Frita. Freya and Frita are just 2 of 17 cats that we rescued from a hoarding situation in Oshawa on Thursday September 12, 2019.

All 17 cats will require vet care including vaccines, flea and deworming treatment, antibiotics for an upper respiratory infection and spay and neuter surgeries. This is just one of the hundreds of cases of animals in crisis that we help each year. The HSDR receives NO government funding, and is only able to help animals in need like Freya and Frita because of the generous support of animal lovers like you.

Please consider making a donation, no matter how big or small to help care for these precious animals that have no where else to go. You can support the animals in our care by clicking here and making your life changing donation now!


Yikes! Cold, hot, fresh air!

Fourteen of our doggy doors are in need of replacing.

With this past brutal winter, many of the doors did not seal properly, allowing cold gusts of wind and snow to enter the inner kennels. These new dog doors can be opened by staff from inside the shelter to allow our dogs to romp outdoors and receive fresh air or remain closed to keep the dogs warm in winter and cool in summer.

Although the new doors cost $500 each, we are hoping that our community members will be willing to donate $50 to help us purchase as many replacement doors as possible. Your support is invaluable to us, as a not for profit organization.

To make a donation please click here


Your Donation Makes A Difference!

The HSDR operates solely on the generosity of the public and people who love animals. With your donations of money or goods you are helping us rescue and protect animals that are innocent victims of abuse and neglect. Help us help the animals - DONATE NOW! 

*We also accept E-Transfer, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to donate today!* 


Kitty Kare Program

For more information or to sponsor one of our kittens please call 905-665-7430 ext. 0 or click here.  

Monthly & One-Time Donations

Your donations will provide food and care for our animals. You can make a donation online using your credit card - it is quick, easy and 100% secure. You can also make a donation via mail or by visiting the shelter. To become a monthly donor click here


Gift of Life

The Gift of Life fund covers costs for animals that need extended medical treatment and care due to injuries caused by accidents or abuse.

Donate in Memorium/Tribute & In Honour

Make a donation In Honour or In Memory of someone. A card is sent to the individual with each donation. 

To make an In Memory donation, click here

To make an In Honour donation, click here


Donation of Supplies

Operation of the shelter requires many items such as food, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, etc. for the care of the animals, office materials and equipment for administrative activities. Donation Wish List.

To see our Amazon Wish List please click here! Here at the Humane Society of Durham Region we try to keep the animals as comfortable and happy as possible while they stay in our shelter. Along with lots of human interaction, walks for the dogs and play time for the cats, we try to engage in mental activities with the animals. These items will be used for enrichment and we would like to have enough supplies so that every animal has this enrichment every day. 

Donations of Securities/Stocks

To donate your gift of stock to the Humane Society of Durham Region, please click the following attachment/file Gift of Stock/Securities.

Wedding Favours for Pet Loving People

Why not begin your married life doing something meaningful like showing compassion to animals. 

Instead of giving traditional wedding favours, what if you choose to make a donation that would assist distressed or abused animals? Providing them with food, supplies, veterinarian care and spay/neuter programs. For more information and to see the available packages, click here


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For more information, please contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

*Official tax receipts are provided for all donations.